21 ottobre 2011

Cerimonia dello svezzamento

Il 10 ottobre Leone ha ricevuto da Amma, durante il Devi Bhava, il primo cibo solido.
Se volete condividere con noi questa Gioia godetevi il video!!!

Om e Prem
Claudia e Leone

Annaprashana Samskara is the ceremony for the first feeding of cooked rice. The object
of this ceremony is to pray to the gods with Vedic Mantras to bless
the child with good digestive powers, good thoughts and talents. It
is performed when the child is six months old which is the weaning
time. Susruta commends this weaning time as best for both the mother
and the child.
Offerings are made to the goddess of speech and vigour. Prayers are
offered so that the child´s senses have their full gratification and
live a happy and contented life. Amma feeds a little of the
sweet food anointed with gold to the child with Mantras that say she
feeds the child with food that may ensure a healthy life to the child
and prevent ill-health.
Apart from the efficacy or otherwise of this ceremony, its observance
creates in all concerned an awareness of the cumulative needs of the
child at that age in a scientific and tender manner. Its systematic
observance therefore ensures the results expected especially when
fortified by Mantras.

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  1. semplicemente STUPENDO......il primo ruggito del Leone!!
    peccato non esserci stato di persona...
    Baciao...lo zio Raul.